Beating Four Video Games In One Month? Hells yeah!

Two days ago, I spied this motivational article over at, and I’ve decided that I’m going to commit to “Four in February.” That means I’m going to beat four games that I’ve never finished in just one month.

Holy crap.

I’ve referred to myself as a gamer on this blog, but the sad truth is that I don’t spend enough time playing video games to become a better gamer. I’m ready for that to change. So, beginning February 1, I’m challenging myself to play around 50 hours of gamplay and complete four different games in 28 days.

Here are my “Four in February” picks:

Mass Effect

1) Mass Effect: 10 – 15 hours (Xbox 360)
I currently have two Mass Effect playthroughs going, and I haven’t gotten far in either of them. The first is the playthrough I’m doing with my fiance, who is a huge fan of the Mass Effect franchise. We’re playing the standard-issue “Soldier” Shepard with the Spacer/War Hero background.

Then there’s my own playthrough, in which I play a badass custom FemShep named Aubrey with the Earthborn/Sole Survivor background. I chose the Infiltrator class, which means her skills are balanced between Tech and Combat. I think my most recent save is on the Citadel, just after Shepard’s big promotion to Spectre status. Those of you familiar with Mass Effect know that I’ve barely scratched the surface of the plot at this point.

It’s my FemShep playthrough that I’ll be completing for “Four in February.”

Now, I’ve been told that this game can be finished in 10-15 hours, if you stick to the main plotline and don’t wander off to do a lot of side quests, so that’s what I plan to do. If I tried to go for a thorough playthrough, I could end up clocking 40+ hours just for Mass Effect, which wouldn’t leave me a whole lot of time for my three other games.

Game of Thrones RPG

2) Game of Thrones RPG: 20 – 25 hours (PC)
Critics have trashed this game up and fucking down, and you know what I say to them? What is dead may never die, bitches.

I don’t care that the animation is choppy, the combat is repetitive, and the voice acting is atrocious. That’s not why I play this game. I play it because it brings the gritty realism of George R. R. Martin’s world to life.

I’ve completed the first two chapters and have just started on Chapter 3, which means I’ve got about 3-4 hours already under my belt. Supposedly the entire game takes 30 hours to play, with 18 chapters in total, so I still have my work cut out for me.

Just to make it even more difficult for myself, I’ll be live-commentating while I play. Since I intend to complete the series, I’ll need to live-record each session, which will probably add a few hours onto my playthrough. Chances are I won’t be uploading many videos until after “Four in February” is over, though—otherwise I’ll lose a lot of valuable gaming time editing video footage!

Heavenly Sword

3) Heavenly Sword: 6 – 8 hours (PS3)
With the massive undertaking of Mass Effect and Game of Thrones, I need a couple of much shorter games on my list if I’m going to have any hope of completing “Four in February.” The first of these shorter games is Heavenly Sword.

I played a little ways into this game a few years ago and instantly fell in love with the graphics and the gameplay, but at some point I put it down and never picked it up again. (I’m guessing it was around the time I discovered Dragon Age: Origins.)

For “Four in February,” I’ll be starting over again from the beginning. I don’t remember any of the storyline, and it’s a short enough game that I should be able to beat it fairly quickly even starting fresh.

I am going to play on the “Normal” difficulty level, but if I complete all four of my games and have time left over, I may try to do a second run-through of Heavenly Sword on the more challenging “Hell” mode.

Halo 3

4) Halo 3: 7 – 10 hours (Xbox 360)
I confess: I have never actually played the Halo 3 campaign—or any of the other Halo games, for that matter. My experience with Halo has so far been limited to casual Slayer tournaments with my friends and watching Red vs Blue.

So when it came time to choose the fourth and final game for “Four in February,” I thought, Hey, why not Halo 3?

Fortunately, the internet tells me that the campaign is relatively short, less than 10 hours on the “Normal” difficulty level. Like Heavenly Sword, this will hopefully be a playthrough I can knock out in just a couple days of dedicated gaming, leaving most of my time for Mass Effect and Game of Thrones.

What four games will YOU conquer in February? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


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