Snapdragon Processor Ad Features a CGI Dragon, and My Life Is Complete

I’ve mentioned “geek marketing” a few times on this blog, mostly in reference to HBO and its clever ad campaign to promote “Game of Thrones” Season 3.

The HBO ads marketed a geek product, so it made sense to show off dragon silhouettes in the New York Times and a promotional website where you can record yourself swearing the Night’s Watch oath. But how effective is geek marketing for companies looking to sell a product to the general public?

Ask Qualcomm. They’ll tell you, “It’s Super Effective!”

Behold this gem of an advertisement for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors:

If you’d tried to convince me back in high school that dragons would one day be as socially acceptable as the Geico gecko and the Pillsbury doughboy, I would never have believed you. I was bullied for wearing dragon t-shirts and reading fantasy, and now, years later, a freakin’ dragon stars in a telecom ad made to look like an epic fantasy movie trailer!

Vindication, my friends. Vindication.

James Dawson-Hollis, one of the creative leads at Ogilvy & Mather marketing agency, told that the ad showcases the Snapdragon processor in a way that makes consumers sit up and pay attention:

“Our challenge was to create an engaging campaign with the power to educate people about why they should care about what’s inside their devices. With this marketing push, we’re shifting consumers’ attention to what matters most in a smartphone or tablet—a powerful processor that makes your device run faster, longer, and smarter. By showing consumers how Qualcomm’s Snapdragon makes mobile worthwhile, we’ll redefine what people look for in a device.”

There’s only one real downside to using dragons as marketing mascots, and that’s the threat they pose to the wallets of geeks everywhere. I don’t know about you, but I can totally be convinced to buy ANYTHING as long as there’s a dragon in the ad for it.


Try to resist the uncanny salesmanship of this little guy. JUST TRY.


2 thoughts on “Snapdragon Processor Ad Features a CGI Dragon, and My Life Is Complete

  1. While the add is cool to watch I’m not sure why Qualcomm has decided to spend money on advertising to end-users. In today’s tech, people don’t buy products based on parts. This is an old world paradigm used in the 90’s by the likes of Intel (note how many phones and tablets Intel is in now btw) — When people go out to buy an iPhone or GalaxyS4, “what kind of chip is in it” is not even the last question asked …. it isn’t a question at all.

    Fun commercial, but no value added to bottom line I fear.

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