The Sonic Saber: “Dragon Age: Inquisition World and Character Specifics Revealed”


Just a short post today to highlight my latest article over at The Sonic Saber, this time a feature on the Dragon Age: Inquisition news revealed this week in the September issue of Game Informer.

Here’s an excerpt from my post:

The central plot mechanic seems to be a throwback to Dragon Age: Origins, where the player character traveled around Fereldan with the Grey Warden treaties, recruiting an army to end the Blight. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the player will instead amass an army to solidify his or her own power. Developers have emphasized that each player can choose whether to side with or against the mages or Templars. As Inquisitor, the player has the option to use either diplomacy or violence to win over allies, similar to the Paragon and Renegade system in the Mass Effect titles.

While you’re at it, check out the Game Informer series of online features, “covering everything from combat to character creation.”

I for one think that this game is going to be one to remember—a true spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate, and the sequel that Dragon Age II should have been but wasn’t. BioWare has done a commendable job of listening to feedback from gamers and striving to combine all the best elements from both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. If all goes well, the end product should be an impressive open-world experience woven tightly together by a central storyline and a charismatic player character.

At least, that’s what envision for Dragon Age: Inquisition. We’ll need to wait (albeit impatiently) for the next year to find out if I’m right.


One thought on “The Sonic Saber: “Dragon Age: Inquisition World and Character Specifics Revealed”

  1. The epic scale sounds great but is it wrong one of my biggest concerns is reverting back to the old silent protagonist model? I absolutely loved DAII because of Hawke and being able to tailor an existing character a la Mass Effect’s Shepherd rather than this silent “placeholder” in the style of DAO. Here’s hoping with the next gen technology behind it we won’t be stuck with a placeholder-type player character in DAI!

    ~ ~

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