The nerd ecosystem hinges upon a delicate symbiotic balance.

There are Fix-My-Computer nerds, Anime-Cosplay nerds, World-of-Warcraft nerds, and Doctor-Whovian nerds. There are hipster nerds and hater nerds, trolling nerds and trendy nerds. There are nerds who blog, nerds who code, nerds who read, and nerds who buy 90 percent of their clothing from ThinkGeek.com.

Me? I’m a Coffee-and-Dragons Nerd.

The Coffee-and-Dragons Nerd is a relatively rare breed, due most likely to the unfortunate habit of pissing off close relatives with snide grammatical lectures. (“To kindly pass the butter” is a split infinitive, Grandma.) Like all nerds, we enjoy pizza, YouTube, and internet memes. However, the Coffee-and-Dragons Nerd distinguishes itself from others of its kind by its natural instinct to horde books by the hundreds, quote “The Lord of the Rings” in inappropriate situations, and mainline instant coffee.

Life goals of the Coffee-and-Dragons Nerd include constructing a two-story personal library with spiral staircases and one day publishing a novel that earns praise beyond its merits as adequate bathroom tissue.

Some famous Coffee-and-Dragons Nerds include George R. R. Martin, Naomi Novik, Hermione Granger, and Daria Morgendorffer.

And me, of course.

So you’ve never heard of me? My name is Kay. I am a 24-year-old writer and aspiring grad student looking to reconnect with my inner geek — and connect with other geeks out in the blogosphere — while working toward a career as a published fantasy novelist.

Here at COFFEE & DRAGONS, I invite you to read my thoughts on fantasy literature, the art of writing, the gaming industry, random/useless historical facts, and whatever else I decide to rant about when writer’s block is making me grumpy.

COFFEE & DRAGONS is updated whenever the hell I feel like it.



One thought on “About

  1. Hi Kailey,

    I read several of your posts, they were interesting. I particularly liked your thoughts on medieval/fantasy music. I personally love the topic. My favorites are “The Owlbear song” by Dan the Bard, and Howard Shore’s ‘Concerning Hobbits.’

    I think it’s great that you are writing, but don’t let your own doubts ruin the project. When you reread, let it smooth your work rather than shave it:) The world needs ‘good’ Fantasy novels hitting the shelves every once in a while, doesn’t it? If you ever post excerpts from your story, let me know; I’d love to check them out!

    Sabin M. Jarvis, Author/Bard/Lyricist/Poet

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